Delivery Information

Generally speaking, we will send an email to buyers to confirm the information again within 1 working day after you pay. If there is any problem about shipping information, we will need you to confirm this by replying to the email. If we don't receive any response and there is no much problem with the order, we usually wait 2 days and begin with the process. So if you want to get the products ASAP, please pay attention to check your email or double check your order information  shipping information while order. Make everything clear so that we can begin with the process at the first time.

For shipping methods

We firstly choose DHL to ship to south and north America, Europe.
About asia, we will choose EMS firstly, including Australia, Russia and New Zealand. 
About Middle East, we will use Aramex to ship your products. 
Shipping method changes sometimes depending on the prices and policy, but we ensure we will always use reliable carrier for your products.
If you want to choose certain shipping method, please leave a message when purchasing.

*Please note:Import duties,taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping fees,for which we are not responsible.Generally we declare lower value,and write "Gift" or "Sample" on the package to help you avoiding custom charge.

How Long Does It Take For Delivery

Total delivery time is composed of two parts: processing time and actual shipping time.

Tailoring time refers to the time from when your payment is received to when we gather up all the items and pack them, normally 7-10 working days for Made-To-Order products, 3-4 days for In-Stock products. Shipping time takes for the package to be delivered by the couriers to the major destination, that depends on the shipping method you choose (3-5 working days for most countries)

If you need your item urgently, please contact us at branda@skybeely.com with the item you want, your location, the event date so that we can see if we can make your time. Or you can just placed the order at once and leave us a message with the event date,pay for the rush shipping, then we will rush it for you.If we can not make your time, we will just full refund you.