Frameless traditional beveled accent mirror

Frameless traditional beveled accent mirror

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Aside from letting in more light or making spaces appear larger, wall mirrors offer a functional, stylish way to hide imperfections and give you a convenient spot to check your outfit before you head out the door. Like this one: Right at home in a variety of design aesthetics from Southern traditional to industrial, this one features a frameless design with beveled glass around the outside. We love how its generous size (36'' H x 24'' W x 0.5'' D) allows it to make just as much of an impact on a bare wall as it does when hung next to a row of colorful painting prints. Why don't you hang it above a white wooden writing desk and add an embellished lamp nearby to complement its brilliant shine Something to keep in mind: Your new mirror arrives ready to hang right out of the box with wall-mounting hooks. And when it comes to upkeep, we recommend wiping your new mirror clean with a soft, damp cloth. Just don't use liquid or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the finish.


  • Vinyl safety backing Included
  • Mounted on sheetrock: Yes
  • Two hooks are bonded to the back of the mirror
  • Vinyl safety backing included
  • Mounted on Sheetrock: yes

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