Minimalist modern bathroom vanity mirror

Minimalist modern bathroom vanity mirror

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This stylish round mirror can create a decorative wall display. This mirror is 30 inches high and 30 inches wide, which can provide plenty of light and size for your house for convenient, oversized wall decoration. Adding a mirror to the traditional wall decoration can make a smaller space look bigger and reflect and spread the light throughout the area. This mirror provides a chic look for the homeowner, and its slim and simple appearance has a refined and gorgeous appearance. It looks great in any room: this is a modern and gorgeous bathroom vanity mirror, placed on the console at the entrance, or on the mantle or sofa in the living room. It even looks beautiful and can be used as a secondary decoration for the headboard in the master bedroom. No matter where and how you decide to use this mirror, it provides a minimalist aesthetic and convenience. The back of the mirror is hung with a metal D-ring hanger, which can be hung in just a few seconds, making your new wall decoration immediately available.


  • This circular mirror features metal D-ring hangers securely attached to the back for easy wall display in a matter of minutes
  • Use it as a functional bathroom vanity mirror or as a decorative statement for your mantle, living room, or entryway
  • This mirror features a trendy, round shape with plenty of surface area, illuminating your smaller spaces and providing them with more dimension
  • This mirror features a glam finish for a refined, sophisticated accent piece for any room in your home

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