Modern round bathroom vanity mirror

Modern round bathroom vanity mirror

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Sometimes all the room needs is an unexpected feeling to make it fresh and exciting again. The unexpected is not necessarily an overly compromised thing, nor does it have to be a thing leaving the left realm. When this mirror has a functional and decorative impact. It has an unexpected rubber ring, perhaps your room needs to be increased to feel new again. Having an unexpected rubber ring may be an increase in your room’s needs Feeling new again. This is a large round mirror, very suitable for crowded areas such as entrances, toilets, living rooms and corridors. Its rubber wheels make it more durable than ordinary round wall mirrors and have a modern industrial appearance. Due to its rubber edges, introducing this piece into the room will add subtle layers of dynamic and unexpected texture. This wall decoration is a simple way to make a big impact, and since this mirror is a larger reflective piece, it will reflect the surrounding light, making the room look bigger and brighter. The round shape can find the feeling of home in various decorations. This is due to its ability to develop with your changing tastes and personal style. What customers say about this mirror The mirror surface is intact. This is an excellent large statement for any wall space. At first, I was hesitant to use rubber in the outer ring, but honestly, it looks fashionable and you won't even think twice about checking it. Will buy again, it is strongly recommended to buy a large single product. In our mid-century bohemian apartment, it looks modern and elegant. A beautiful mirror at a very low price. The mirror is well packed and intact. I looked at many round mirrors and couldn't find anything close to this price. I got a lot of compliments.


  • Enhanced light: The large size of the mirror is perfect for reflecting natural and artificial light to help illuminate any room during the day or night
  • Decorative rubber frame: The innovative rubber frame of this mirror not only increases the appearance of this large wall mirror, but also doubles as a protective bumper; ideal for high-traffic areas or as a bathroom mirror.

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